February Meeting Minutes

From Kyle:


Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting tonight, I feel like we’re making good progress! Here are some highlights from the meeting:

General stuff:
– Nathaniel A. Srok is working on a 2018 t-shirt design and we will use an outside vendor to make shirts. They will be available at the races for sale as well as online.
– Kyle MacArthur is working on sponsors. So far we have UTVshop and PCI Race Radios on board, details to be posted soon, but I will be contacting last year’s sponsors as well as Weddle and some others to see what we can get going this year.
– Curtis Blackley is working on getting all the rules clearly posted on the website. As usual, any racers facing rule changes will be given a one race grace period to correct. Bo Brunyer will be our Tech Inspector once again.
– If you guys want bikes to return, please talk to the riders and encourage them to come out. I’m hopeful Matt Bell Desert Speed Shock Tuning and Roice Arnold can help drum up some excitement. BOR is very willing to accommodate the riders.

Race Specific stuff:

Vernal: April 28th, permits all good to go, very similar to the popular course we ran last year. I will post up hotel codes when I get them.

Jackpot: July 7th, permits all good to go, very likely the same course as last year. Hotel codes forthcoming

Knolls: August 25th, permits all good to go. Similar course as last year, but we will get rid of a couple of trouble spots and incorporate some course that Joseph Cammans and Ezra Kocherhans had proposed last year that had to be deleted last minute due to some road crossings we couldn’t use.

Wendover: Allen Gerber and I are still working both sides of the BLM, Utah and Nevada, to determine where we are racing. We are headed out February 24th to do a recon mission on the Utah side as well as Knolls. Everyone is welcome to join!

Thanks everyone!

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