All Information subject to change up until Race Day.

Major Change to Race Day operation

  • Every Race vehicle will need to be clean when you arrive at the pits.
  • If not, it is a $50 fee to have us wash it before the race
  • All race vehicles will need to be washed after the race before they are loaded on or in a trailer.
  • We are required to take a picture of each car and send the pictures to the BLM afterwards.


  • Loop is approximately 109 miles long
  • 3 Asphalt Road Crossings per loop
    • Highway 93
    • Ibapah Road
    • Highway 93
  • Sportsman, Class 9, 11, and 16 will do two laps for a total of 218 miles.
  • All other classes will do 3 laps for a total of 327 miles.
  • There is one alternate pit at Race Mile 58
    • There is limited room at the remote pit. One Truck per team, no trailers allowed.
    • Do not bring your entire team.
    • Entry to the alternate pit is on the course. Show up early to a get a spot.
    • During the race you’ll need to be flagged in and out of the pit.
    • Race traffic will have right of way. Pit vehicles will have to wait.
  • There are several spectator areas.

Driving directions for Pits and Road Crossings

  1. From Wendover to Pits
    1. Take Highway 93A south 11.1 miles
    2. Turn West onto dirt road
    3. Follow dirt road 2.2 miles to Main Pit
  2. From Main Pit to Road Crossing 1
    1. Return to Highway 93A
    2. Travel 12.9 miles south
      1. No parking at Road Crossing 1.
      2. Park south of the Road Crossing 100-200 yards on the East side of 93A.
  3. From Road Crossing 1 to Road Crossing 2
    1. Head south on 93A 1.5 miles
    2. Turn east on Ibapah Road
    3. Travel 7.7 miles to Road Crossing 2
      1. Limited parking, stay at least 50 yards from the Road Crossing
  4. From Road Crossing 1 to Road Crossing 3
    1. Travel south on 93A 16.2 miles 


  • There will be a prerun on Friday October 8th at 10 AM
    • Your Prerun vehicle must be clean (Washed with no debris inside or on the skid plates)
    • We are required to take pictures of every vehicle on the course
    • If you want to take notes on the Pre-run, do not stop on the course. Pull over and allow others to pass.
    • At 20 Mph you should be able to finish by 4 PM
    • The Start of the Pre-run will close at 10:45 AM. No one leaves after this.
    • Every driver on the pre-run must sign the waiver, be a signed up raced, and wrist banded.
    • Every passenger must sign the waiver and be banded.


Registration form to come


Entry Fees and Classes:

  • Entry Fees are going to increase a small amount this year at all races in order to (hopefully) cover the added cost of “Cost Recovery” that we are now faced with. Please don’t get on the website or Facebook and complain about it.  All that will do is make it worse.  I will continue to work with the BLM and private land in order to minimize these costs.  But they are what they are!
    • $650 – Unlimited UTV
    • $650 – N/A  UTV
    • $450 – Sportsman UTV
      • Entry Fees go to: Insurance, Permitting, Land Use Fees, Administrative Fees, Course Grading, Restoration and Clean Up, Various Costs for Developing the Race Course and Pro Payback ($200 per entry)
    • Membership Fees:
      • All persons riding in vehicles MUST be members.
        • $40 for an annual membership
          • January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021
        • $20 for a single race “day pass”
      • Points:
        • Will be a Bonneville point event

2021 BOR Membership




Class 16/9/11/UTVs


Expert Bike Classes

Amateur Bike Classes

Novice Bike Classes

Mini's, 60+/70+, Team Classes