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Jackpot Freedom 300:

Early Information Sheet                6/12/21              


  • Jackpot, NV


  • Course takes place on BLM land in Idaho and Nevada on both sides of Highway 93.
    • Approximately 56 mile loops, 5 laps for Pro, 3 for Sportsman
    • Single heat for ALL vehicle classes.
    • Highway crossings in both directions take place at Rabbit Springs, this is a two way traffic speed zone!  Pay attention to the flaggers, race traffic must stop for highway traffic.  There will be no time credits given for having to stop at the crossing, it’s the luck of the draw.


  • Trucks, Buggies, UTV’s (single seaters welcome)


                 July 10th, 2021

  • Registration and Tech Friday
    • Racing all day Saturday
    • There will be a parade lap Friday night, no open prerunning.  If you need to test, there is plenty of public land nearby.

Pit Location:

  • Pits are two miles east of town.  From Ace Dr, turn left on Lady Luck Dr north, turn right on Pinochle St, which turns into Monte Carlo Dr and take it until the asphalt ends.  Follow the signs to the pits from there!  Make sure to obey the 25 mph speed limit through town
  • Camping available, no hookups.
  • Full hookup camping is available at Cactus Pete’s RV Park, just in town.

Entry Fees and Classes:

  • Entry Fees are going to increase a small amount this year at all races in order to (hopefully) cover the added cost of “Cost Recovery” that we are now faced with. Please don’t get on the website or Facebook and complain about it.  All that will do is make it worse.  I will continue to work with the BLM and private land in order to minimize these costs.  But they are what they are!
    • $650 – Unlimited UTV
    • $650 – N/A  UTV
    • $450 – Sportsman UTV
      • Entry Fees go to: Insurance, Permitting, Land Use Fees, Administrative Fees, Course Grading, Restoration and Clean Up, Various Costs for Developing the Race Course and Pro Payback ($200 per entry)
    • Membership Fees:
      • All persons riding in vehicles MUST be members.
        • $40 for an annual membership
          • January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021
        • $20 for a single race “day pass”
      • Points:
        • Will be a Bonneville point event

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Class 16/9/11/UTVs


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