2021 Schedule information update:

March 20, 2021  Little Sahara SxS Challenge  Side X Sides Only.  Quads if we can make a class.

 As you can see above this event looks to be a fun event whether it is in the park or not.  Can’t wait to show you what I have up my sleeve.  I just hope the BLM works with me.  If not we will keep pushing for a 2022 event in the same area with all classes!!!

May 8, 2021 – Vernal Dinosaur Dash:  Cars/Trucks/Side X Sides only

Yes, we will be going back to Vernal for a short course event similar to years past.  That is always a fun event with camping hook up right in the pit area.

July 10, 2021 – Jackpot Nevada:   Cars/Trucks/Side x Sides only

This event will go back to the longer version and “Hell Hill’ will be right where it belongs, a great part of the southern half of the loop.  Jackpot is always a fan favorite with food, hotels and casino’s within walking distance. (not my walking distance, mind you).  You can also stay another day and hit little white balls around until you are blue in the face.  Hopefully our flu situation will allow us to have trophy presentation at the Horshu Pool again.  Maybe I’ll take a swim…

August 28, 2021 – Knolls at Night – Cars/Trucks/Side X Sides and All USRA Motorcycle Classes

This event will be run at night.  Last year was just a test run and was started in the daylight and finished at night.  This one will all be at night.  Motorcycles in the morning early to beat the heat.  Cars at night.

October 9, 2021 – Wendover Pony Express 400   Cars/Trucks/Side X Sides and All USRA Motorcycle Classes.

This event is a major under taking.  We have a lot of hurdles to overcome as we are on private land with new owners and lots of BLM area that we have not ever raced on as far as I know.  If we cannot get the big loop in at a fair cost or even get approvals at all, we will still be running in Wendover and we will change it up to give a good challenging course that will be exciting to race on.  Silt anyone?!?

We are working to have a Pro Motorcycle class that will go the distance of the Car/Trucks but safety is our first concern.  Ideas to make it safe??  We will update you as it gets close.