UTV Classes: UTV 1000, UTV Unlimited and UTV Sportsman.

UTV Sportsman/beginner (900cc and under).
UTV 1000 (Limited modifications 1000cc and under).
UTV unlimited (All turbo charged and unlimited race UTV’s).

The following UTV Safety and General rules apply to all classes except as noted

  1. All vehicles must pass technical inspection prior to staging at the starting line. Failure to do so will result in a penalty or disqualification.
  2. Once a vehicle goes through technical inspection it is treated as if it has already raced.
  3. All factory suspension a-arm, trailing arm pivot points must remain in stock location.
  4. No Nitrous or any other pressurization/injection type system will be allowed.
  5. All vehicles must have two 2.5 lbs fire extinguishers. One mounted inside the vehicle, one mounted outside the vehicle where it can be easily accessed.  It must be mounted with a quick release type mechanism.
  6. Race numbers will be a minimum of eight (8) inches tall. Number shall be readable from sides of each car. Side Door
    Numbers are NOT allowed. The vehicle MUST have side “fin” numbers. (Behind the roll
    cage just above the rear fenders on both sides.)
  7. Aftermarket well-built roll cages made for racing are recommended. No factory stock
    roll cages will be allowed. Factory cages will only be allowed if modified/reinforced and
    tied into rear bumper/frame at two points. Gusseting of the factory cage is highly
  8. Metal roof panels strongly recommended.
  9. All vehicles must have rear facing chase lights. One blue or Green & one amber. One of
    these must flash.
  10. Lockable side protection doors must be mounted in a way as to not be able to pop open
    during racing. Factory doors with secondary locking mechanism are approved.
  11. Driver & Passenger side nets or hand restraints are required.
  12. 2”or 3” wide, 5 (five) point restraint system for both driver and occupant are required.
    The 5 (five) point system must include an antisubmarine belt that is at least 2” wide.
  13. Certified head restraint system is strongly recommended for all classes.
  14. Full personal safety gear must be worn to include:
    1. Fire retardant suits strongly recommended that cover from neck to ankles.
    2. Helmets, gloves, goggles or racing shoes or boots.

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RACER to have their vehicle go through tech
and vehicles must complete Technical Inspection prior to going to staging.

The following rules only apply to Sportsman/Beginner class.

  1.  This is not a competition class and will not receive BOR championship points.
  2. Factory Roll cages are allowed but not recommended.
    1. Aftermarket well-built roll cages made for racing are recommended. If factory roll cage is
      used gusseting and supporting the factory cage at two points that go to rear bumper/frame
      are highly encouraged.