so you want to race?

There are a few things you’re going to need to make sure you have, so everyone can be safe and have fun!

UPDATED 2/23/24:

ALL drivers, co-drivers, pit crews, vehicles Pro and Sportsman, UTV’s, Trucks, and Buggies must follow the BOR Rulebook which can be found here:

BOR Rule Book February 2024

Here is the Tech Inspection Sheet 


BOR points system

Shows the different level of points available toward the year end championship

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE RACER to have their vehicle go through tech
and vehicles must complete Technical Inspection prior to going to staging.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the competitor to insure his safety.  Bonneville Off Road is not responsible for your safety!!

Important Safety Update 

BOR Rule Book Page 14

All vehicles in Classes 1/2 1600, Class 2, 3, 4, 5-1600, 6, Class7, 7S, Mini Metal, 9, Class 11 – Stock Bug, 13, 15, 1450, 18, 3000, and all UTV classes must run a minimum three inch (3”) diameter Blue or green light along with the amber light facing the rear of the vehicle. One or both amber and blue/green light must flash  We strongly recommend the use of a light similar to the ATC Safety Light or KC Hi-Lites version.  

The Blue Light is to identify the slower moving vehicles. This is to assist the faster moving classes to recognize a slower moving vehicle when they are approaching them.

Compliant Lights

Rear facing light bar or a stand-alone light like All Terrain Concepts ATC Safety 

Reach out to ATC for this and other products and use the member discount code BOR24 to get 10% off. 

KC Hi Lights 6” C- Series Blue Strobe #1313.

Light can be switched as long as the switch is out of reach of cab occupants.  The intent is that the light be on during the entire race.